Travis Rice “The Fourth Phase” Teaser


Travis Rice and the Red Bull Media House crew just dropped the teaser for their 40th birthday gift to me.  Start saving your money now kiddos, I can down beers like a champ and we’ll all roll to this to celebrate.


Sneak Peek: Peak Design Shell and Capture POV Clip

Had some goodness from Peak Design recently find it’s way into my mailbox. Will do a review on the gear once I get a chance to use it, but wanted to throw up a quick post as I’d never heard of them prior to last week and they make some pretty nice looking stuff I know some of you would dig (looking at you Rusty Old Camera)

Peak Design Shell

You know that whole “Fuck, it’s dumping, do I really want to drag my dSLR out” feeling?  The Peak Design Shell is designed to help if you’re like me and don’t have a pro level, fully sealed camera. I’ve yet to put it through it’s paces to see if it stays out of your way when you need it to but on first touch I’d say it’s better made than some of my outerwear.


Peak Design CapturePOV

The CapturePOV is another interesting piece of kit from the Peak Design crew that demonstrates they’ve put some thought into the little problems you experience as you snap pics in the great outdoors.  The CapturePOV essentially takes the place of the GoPro chest mount, opting to use something you’re likely already wearing as the mount instead of yet another piece of webbing mounted to you.  I’m interested to see if the offset nature of the product still gives a decent POV.



Also, while on their site be sure to check out their entire Peak Design Clip line of products.  I really think the Capture Pro is the real deal as I really hate carrying around my Lowe chest bag and think a Capture Pro + Shell combo would be killer.

It’s Coming

Yeah, I know I said I was done with winter buuuut….I lied.  The first time you see that report on the news still gets me giddy.



REI wins the internet today

Using a play that feels vaguely reminiscent of the Patagonia “Don’t buy this shirt” campaign, REI announced yesterday that they will be closed for Black Friday and have effectively won the internet for the day.  A quick Googling of ‘REI Black Friday’ shows that they are receiving a ton of press from outlets that have likely never mentioned them in the past – CNN, USA Today, Forbes, Time, etc. etc.  Full copy of the email they sent out is below.  While I can certainly appreciate the gesture (even if I really think it’s unauthentic and an obvious move for press) it made me realize that the management of REI are the last remaining folks that actually believe that REI still employees folks that spend time outdoors/know anything about outdoor gear anymore.

This Black Friday the co-op is doing something different. We’re closing all 143 of our stores. Instead of reporting to work, we’re paying our employees to do what we love most—be outside.

We want you to be the first to hear—not just what we’re doing, but why.

We’re passionate about bringing you great gear, but we’re even more passionate about the experiences it unlocks for all of us. Perhaps John Muir said it best back in 1901: “thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home.”

We think Black Friday is the perfect day to remind people of this essential truth.

And don’t worry, you’ll still enjoy great deals on great gear all holiday season long. But on this one day, we’re going to #OptOutside and we want you to join us.

The Lost Art of Cheap Recreation

My buddy sent me an article from The Art of Manliness this morning.  Maybe it’s just because I was sitting at Juan Pelota Cafe this morning and watching a steady ant march of spandexed guys and gals getting off their $2000+ bikes to enjoy $5 coffees but I thought it was a good read and worth sharing.

First, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics, since 2003 the amount of time Americans spend either attending or hosting social events has declined by 30%. And the drop is even steeper amongst the younger generation; those aged 15 to 24 are spending 40% less time hosting and attending social events than they did a decade ago. At the same time, the number of hours we spend both attending and participating in sports, culture, and arts-related events has held steady.

Yet even though we’re hosting and attending less get-togethers and parties, while participating in and watching recreational activities at the same rate, the portion of our personal consumption we spend on leisure pursuits has gone up 30% over the last four and half decades. In terms of dollars (adjusted for inflation), in 1970 the average American spent $850 on recreation each year, while today each person spends $2500. In other words, despite the fact that the overall time we spend on social/physical/cultural recreation is down, we’re spending 3X as much money on it than we did 45 years ago.

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No Venture Snowboards This Year :(

Just received the below email from Venture Snowboards, and their homepage has the same copy. Venture will – wow, still shocked here – NOT be delivering any boards to market for 2015-16. Not sure if this is a reflection of the difficulty of bringing a US made product to a market that the giant offshore producers have gotten into, using their economies of scale to turn the splitboard market into a race to the bottom or something else is at play. Seems late in the year for this email if it was a supply or manpower issue, and seems like they were the cleanest company in the biz so can’t see them being shut down by the EPA or similar. Maybe the whole ‘artisan movement’ has missed the snowboard scene altogether and they just lacked orders. Seems unlikely, their boards were loved by pretty much all.

First it’s our local shops, now it’s our manufacturers. After last winter are the resorts next?


Is serious, until it isn’t.

PNW Summer Evenings

Don’t suck


How I Felt This Winter

If the chair were mother nature and the selfie guy me. Blah.

On the bright side camping is still rad.


Jamie Lynn & The Art of Living

Jamie Lynn is a Northwest legend from the time back when snowboarders had their own individual style. Hard to believe that there was a time where snowboarding wasn’t just a bunch of spinnyflippy clones only distinguishable by their pro model jackets, but like dinosaurs it existed. Jamie lynn is one of the most stylish motherfuckers of all-time, the world could use a few of him.

JAMIE LYNN & the art of living from Snowboard Magazine on Vimeo.

P.S. I will trade my left pinky finger for an original piece of his art. If anybody needs a pinky holllaaaaa!