Splitboard Gear Sale

Was perusing the Backcountry.com sale today and noticed they’ve got a ton of splitty stuff on sale.  Not stupid low OMG can’t miss out closeout deals yet, but given the pow cycle we’ve been having saving 20% or so on something you’ve been wanting AND you can still get some epic days on it sounds A-OK.  A couple things that stood out.


Lib Split BRD.  This was a late season release with a shape that you look at, bite your lip and go “yuuuup”.  They’ve got a ton of other boards on sale right now as well.


















Voile skins (they also have a few styles of G3 on sale).  Usually wouldn’t catch my eye, but as my Salomon branded Pomocas are absof’inlutely terrible skins are high on the next to buy list.


















Splitboard crampons.  These are the Burton branded version of the Spark crampons.















Anyways, if you’re in the market for some late season winter gear it’s worth checking out their sale.

REVIEW: DryGuy Force Dry DX

OK, this is a long overdue review thanks to Godaddy hosting issues (literally losing my website data after about 2014…..) so I’ll keep it short and sweet.  This is one of those pieces of gear that I’d never think to buy (because I’m cheap – put ’em on the heater!  Put some PVC pipe!) but is soooo damn nice to have.

Putting leather gloves on the heat vent only to have the leather get crunchy?  Thing of the past.

Threw your Kincos on the heater only to have the Sno Seal melt off?  Boom, no more.

Have your boots on the heater overnight but only the cuffs dried, toes are still soaked?  Not my problem brah.

Waders have that damp, muggy feeling on your second day of a searun cutt trip?  Isolated to you homey, mine are bone dry.

My initial worry upfront was the DryGuy would get too hot and either melt things put on it OR reshape heat moldable boot liners.  Welp, the smart folks there thought of that and, besides the fact that it only heats to 105 degrees, but they’ve got a non-heat mode that just blows air into your gear.  Genius!

The creators of the Force Dry DX made a simple (on, off, heat, timer) and effective product that is cheap and usable year round.  Really the only downside I can think of is that it feels like it may not withstand a drop from a decent height (but I’ve accidentally tested it from about 3′ and it held sooo….)

Verdict:  highly recommended.



If you’re looking to add a DryGuy product to your gear closet the below retailers can hook you up and get it to your doorstep.

US Outdoor Store




We’ve been in the ‘cabin in the mountains’ market for awhile now, chasing the ol’ ‘work from home while getting back to back to back pow days’ dream. Of course this plan works better when you’ve actually been able to find something, but that’s another story for another day. So, when the folks at DryGuy reached out to review their Force Dry DX glove and boot dryer (as well as their wader adapter) I thought why the hell not as it would be a great addition to the eventual mountain dwelling, and in the meantime useful around the house post-fishing or when snot nosed little heli plays in the snow this winter.

Unboxing the DryGuy is straight forward with just a touch of excessive packaging (the plastic bags over the already plastic boot arms seemed excessive to the hippie in me…).  Lightweight yet slightly bulky (this probably isn’t going in your travel kit) there are a minimum of removable/movable parts and assembly requires zero instruction.  The only assembly you’d ever need is if you want to add the boot extensions for larger boots or the wader adapter, both of which just slide over the shorter vent arms.  From there simply plug in, choose whether you want heat or not from the control panel and BOOM you’re drying.  Anyways, looking forward to getting some gear wet and seeing how well this baby operates (and with any luck not melting any of my stuff in the process….)


Nice box

Full frontal

Side view

Control panel. Plug her in, set the timer for up to 180 minutes, choose heat or no heat, and boom you’re drying.

Short vid so you can hear how loud the DryGuy is. I’d say this video actually makes it sound louder than it was in person.

Mike Basich Area 241 Vid

I’ve been going down the wormhole of daydreaming then cold showering myself back to reality when looking at bank statements. This vid on Mike Basich and Area 241 helped kill some time and build some stoke (as well as make me revisit life decisions, damn hindsight being 2020), figured worth sharing. Can only imagine waking up on a pow day, making some coffee and just sitting looking out that window at my own private shred zone.

Bonus Mike Basich classic photo

EDIT: Entirely unrelated to the above vid picture of shoelace doohickey for Jake


“I’ve realized something painful. It’s not just the memorable summits and crux moves that are fleeting. Friends and climbing partners are fleeting, too. This is the painful reality of our sport, and I’m unsure what to make of it. Climbing is either a beautiful gift or a curse.”

Two folks that were born while I was either listening to Bleach (or hell, Mother’s Milk?) or mourning after In Utero died in the hills recently. “First avalanche death of the season” they wrote. Fuck.

Remembering Hayden Kennedy and Inge Perkins

Renowned climber kills himself after girlfriend killed in Montana avalanche

It’s OCTFUCKINGTOBER folks. Just take a step back, inhale a huge fucking breath of that crisp fall air we get and think about Inge and Hayden before your pow blue balls get you into some mountain VD you can’t recover from.

Chris Grenier: HOME FIELD

You know you’ve fantasized about something similar while sitting at your desk and gazing at the walls. My ‘given infinite money’ dream used to be a little crib outside of Whistler with a big fat heated wave pool with baseball stadium lights. Shred all day, warm waves all night. Had I not turned Google down in 2001 that could be a reality but now that I’ve given up on the big money dream things like this DIY cabin/park setup is a more achievable fantasy (actually working on putting together something similarish but way different)

As far as being as “out there” as they make it sound I gotta say that sure looks like a highway down a few hundred yards around 2:02 in the vid…

“Aurora Boardealis” full flick

You like splitboarding, sleds and general snowboard fuckery? Of course you do, you’re human. Welp, good news, the dudes at Warp Wave are human too and have got your back. 38 minutes and 36 seconds of p-tex assisted shred in your eyeholes. Get some, yeewwww!


Travis Rice “The Fourth Phase” Trailer

Supposed to be 100 in Portland this week, good time for a snow trailer to mentally cool off. As usual with T. Rice/Red Bull flicks it’s shot on cameras that cost more than your car and have more K’s then a Donald Trump rally in northern Idaho.

Rodney Mullen “Liminal”

The video is a lot like what I’d imagine a wreck between a train carrying bags of dicks and one carrying bags of shit would be like – from it’s dizzying/constantly rotating camera, to the overdramatic editing and music – but the guy is a legend and a savant so it’s getting posted anyways.

…and sort of odd that the video debuts on Vogue’s youtube channel, no?

Line Of The Year?

Candide Thovex just upped the ante with this one.  That line would be hard enough to pull, but to pull it before transitioning back into board mode?  Mental.