New Ride RFL boot

Ride is reclaiming their ‘OG status as the leader in lightweight boot design’ with the announcement of their new RFL (Really Freaking Light) boot, a freestyle boot that weighs in ‘below 800 grams’. Marketing hype bulletpoints • NEW! Liner: Intuition™ Dream Liner w/ Mobile Foam combined w/ Aegis™ Antimicrobial Coating • Liner Fit: Liner w/ […]

Review: Westcomb Mirage jacket

It’s been awhile since I’ve fired up a review, and I’ve been sleeping on this one for awhile. Took the pics a few weeks back and just haven’t set aside the time to fire up some thoughts on the jacket. Marketing speak The Westcomb Mirage jacket is part of the Hardshell AX line of outerwear […]

Jeremy Jones/Deeper Awesomeness

Somewhere on Hood a kid is working on getting another 90 degrees of rotation and stressing out about his style, contest scores and sponsorships. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world Jeremy Jones and crew are progressing the sport in a different manner while stressing about avy hazards, leaving for their line at 10pm!. […]

Avalanche beacon review round up

Haven’t been posting much lately due to time/energy commitments. Figured I’d take a moment to throw these two avalanche beacon review sites up to help out anybody who is looking for a beacon, especially as now it’s the offseason and the sales are going to start – and if you’re lucky you’ll find a screaming […]

A few Avalung vids

Yeah, I know most of you out there have probably seen these vids, but I was thinking about the Avalung and other ‘avalanche safety’ devices this morning (it’s 80 out, you’d think I’d be thinking about surfing or something right?). I actually own a standalone Avalung that was a gift from the lady friend for […]