Burton W48 experience

Recently called up Burton to get a replacement Speed Zone lace for my Driver X boots as the lower left zone was on it’s way out after only a few days of riding on it.  Called up Burton and was told they don’t think they have any laces for this year’s Speed Zone boots yet, […]

“It’s just a straw”

So to continue my eco-rant from yesterday and bring things totally off-topic had this exchange in the office the other day. One co-worker (who leads a fairly active outdoors life) walked into the kitchen and saw a Dixie straw sitting on the counter by the coffee maker and went on a mini-rant about people not […]

Travis Rice’s splitboards

Brian Pattee at Down the Middle custom splitboards recently got the call from Mr. T. Rice, who was looking to get a few boards split before he headed to Alaska to film with Jeremy Jones and the ‘Deeper‘ crew. The fact that Travis had to call up Brian means that obviously the long rumored Lib […]

Is our pastime sustainable?

Your skis are killing you, and your snowboard is killing the environment. Bold statement or understatement? Take a minute and think about your kit and the toxins used in the creation of it. The resins in your core contains VOCs. Your wax has PFCs, the production of which requires PFOA. Clothing dyes, waterproof laminates, metal […]


I know it’s no secret that most ski and snowboard gear is made offshore (the subject of a future post I’ve been got brewing…), but I’m still not real sure what to make of this find on Alibaba…. Are these snowboards factory overruns or counterfeits? Better yet, can I convince one of these factories to […]