Just Another Tour

“Superhappy Erik this is Poormansheli, do you copy?” I didn’t expect the radios to work from the parking lot up to 5k feet but he copied, we toured and shit was rad. One day I’ll be a verbose blogger again, but today is not that day. Helens from Justin H on Vimeo. Three takeaways from […]

Maritime Goes Intermountain

Did a quick tour with the homey Erik from Superhappywax on Saturday.  Nothing crazy, just a get out and stretch the legs/start working off the Christmas cookies tour, plus this was Erik’s first time on a split so we just did some low angle volcano skipping.  Weather varied between beautiful bluebird and cold to fogged […]

St. Helens 30 years ago

It’s the 30 year anniversary of St. Helens and you’re about to get blasted by the media talking about it. St. Helens always had a bit of a personal touch to me, not just because we had to wear masks over our face when it was raining ash, but because my dad was on the […]

TR: Mt. St. Helens at midnight

After a 100 degree day, a half dozen and change Rainier and a pitcher or two of Bridgeport IPA the suggestion was floated to start our hike at midnight or so instead of 4 AM so that we’d miss most of the following day’s heat. Genius suggestion, undoubtedly, though I didn’t account for my buzz […]