TEASER: Videograss “The Last Ones”

Yup, it’s that time of year again (well, actually that time of year started a few months back but lazy interwebs keyboarder guy is lazy), where the ten thousand one snow porn makers start playing just the tip with your eyeballs. Inevitably most will be the same ol’ same ol’ – urban rails and sidecountry […]

LOLWTFriday….this is odd

Was looking at some search terms that were used to find my blog this morning and came across some..uhh….odd findings. Maybe ‘backcountry’ is being misinterpreted by the Googles? Also, dick under balls? That’s some real ‘beans above the frank’ type shit. It’s SEM, not S&M. Creepy. I apologize to those looking for pictures of kawk. […]