Jackson Day 3

Yeah, these have been a bit slow getting out. Not feeling all that verbose, so just a few photos. Sick Westfalia Syncro (4wd) with truck bed liner paint job. Yes, I’ve got permawood for VW busses of all vintages. Vista Was so windy it blew out a three burner gas grill with the wind closed. […]

Jackson Day 2

Guess I didn’t really update the ol’ blog when I was there. Here’s a quick day 2 recap. After waking up to the below view from my tent was stoked on the possibilities of the day. Rolled from Victor, ID over Teton Pass into Jackson. Cued up the obligatory Modest Mouse for the drive down […]

Jackson Day 1

Pulled into the Teton Valley area around 6PM last night after being on the go since 5AM (and being awake since 2AM – of course was too stoked to fall back to sleep). Long drive made longer by the fact that my Chewbacca had to cancel at the last minute leaving me to roll Solo […]

Man arrested for skinning at Jackson Hole

Lots of WTF in this article. Makes me think of these vids over at NWbroweather and Wookie’s comments about deputized patrollers at JH. Sheriff’s deputies arrested pioneer backcountry skier Roland Fleck on Saturday at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, and ski patrollers tobogganed him off the mountain in handcuffs after he refused to stop skiing uphill. […]

Cornice cutting videos

For some reason I got the urge to watch some cornice cutting videos, mostly because I’ve never done a backcountry cornice cut to test for stability or to intentionally get a slope to release outside of avy 1. These aren’t how-tos or whys, these are merely vids to simple admire the results. Castle Peak, CA. […]