2012-13 Chimera splitboards

Jeez, talk about falling off the wagon.  Let’s get this look at 2012-13 splitboards back up and running before the 13/14 gear drops! The boys at Chimera made it through their first year in biz and are back with the same solid lineup from last year.  For those who don’t know Chimera is a splitboard […]

2012-13 Jones Splitboards

Jones is back in 2012-13 with essentially the same lineup as last year (different size runs) as well as a women’s line. Hopefully the production/QA problems that have been seen in the past have been put behind them as I don’t think releasing some of the boards that have reached some shop floors has been […]

2012-13 Voile splitboards

For 2012-13 Voile has revamped their entire lineup with the help of Ben Harmon courtesy of their Sentury Snowboards acquisition.  Still made in the USA by polygamous skiboarders with jobs. No longer capped construction, all 2012-13 Voile splitboards come with all the hardware you need, so if you’re price conscious factor that into your decision […]

2012-13 Venture Splitboards

Like always I’ve waited to pull the trigger on a look at the new year’s split in half hotness until the first day I had to turn the heater on.  Today was that day so I’m dusting off the asdfjkl and semicolon and gettin’ ta bloggin’.  Getting the pole position in this year’s look at […]