Pics from the past few weekends

I admit it, I’m a horrible blogger.  I’m no shayboarder, I’m no a-man (mostly because I still use toilet paper and don’t try and say things like str9 instead of str8), hell I’m not even a nwbroweather and that guy only blogs once every transit of Venus.  Anyways, I’m still alive (barely, depending on the […]

TR: Baker Splitfest 2012

Baker Splitfest was ridiculous. Between the weather, testing a theory on consecutive days you can eat pizza and while repeatedly stressing your liver, and the number of people that were there…just insane. Splitboarding has officially gone from beardo to brodown. Short summary: Sunburns and cold smoke. Long summary: Below. Holy shit can’t believe I wrote […]

TR: Mt. Adams

So first, let’s just get it out of the way now – if you saw a guy that looked like anybody in the below pictures on Adams a week or two ago but rode like a total chump it wasn’t me. I swear. Anyways, Mt. Adams is the second highest mountain in Washington state, aka […]