TR: Oregon Splitfest

You missed it, it was two weeks ago. I conveniently forgot to post anything here as I didn’t want to contribute to the Googles crawler blowout and having it become a Baker Splitbrofest complete with 500+ attendees doing their best Dikembe Mutumbo/Shaq imitation, posting up on and knocking over women and small children to get […]

Blown Out

Nope, not a surf related post. Headed up north to kick it with the Tacomeys this weekend. Hit up a local beach to try and catch my first sea run cutthroat or resident coho on the fly. Wind. Wind. HOLY SHIT WIND! I’m not exactly skilled with the bug wand, and what semblance of skill […]

Maritime Goes Intermountain

Did a quick tour with the homey Erik from Superhappywax on Saturday.  Nothing crazy, just a get out and stretch the legs/start working off the Christmas cookies tour, plus this was Erik’s first time on a split so we just did some low angle volcano skipping.  Weather varied between beautiful bluebird and cold to fogged […]

Rare sight caught on film

Preface:  I’ve held off on posting this until I checked with NatGeo to see if they wanted the story, but as it’s been awhile and they’ve yet to respond I’ll take their silence as a no. Ever since I was a old enough to be interested in revving engines I’ve been fascinated by the unique […]