Secret Lake

Even though the WA trout opener isn’t for another week there are some spots that are already open.  I noticed a blue spot on the map when splitting a very unorthodox spot this winter and last weekend figured I should head up there and check out the blue spot, see what surprises it held. The […]


It’s a’ight I guess. I’ve been living in the same city on the same block in the same house for going on four years, which would make this the second longest I’ve ever lived in the same GPS coordinates in my 37.583 (to the day!) years. Long story short: I need a change. Still not […]

Wildflowers Still Blooming

In case you’re looking for something to do over the long weekend I can tell you that the wildflowers are still going off up high – some still yet to bloom.         “But it’s a holiday weekend” you say.  “I can’t find any solitude!”  Well here’s a simple way to find it […]

Dear Summer

Please don’t leave me. The past few weeks have been rad, would hate to have the inevitable grayrain come and fuck up my parade. Minor photo dump in lieu of taking the effort to write anything.                       Anyways, have spent more time sleeping somewhere else […]

Still turns to be had

…if you want them. To be honest I didn’t really want them, my brain had long ago switched it’s (short) attention span to other activities (or, as Jeff Haley put it “that’s the problem with multiple wives, they all compete for your attention, but you can really only be with one at time“). But, the […]

40 Year Olds, Beers and Ramps

What could possibly go wrong with that combo, right? Billy’s birthday on Saturday, plans were hatched for a surprise bday party. Chris and I figured nothing quite says you’re over the hill like a broken femur and whittled a small ramp on Saturday AM (note that while small in stature it feels WAAAAY higher than […]

Just Another Tour

“Superhappy Erik this is Poormansheli, do you copy?” I didn’t expect the radios to work from the parking lot up to 5k feet but he copied, we toured and shit was rad. One day I’ll be a verbose blogger again, but today is not that day. Helens from Justin H on Vimeo. Three takeaways from […]