2012-13 Venture Splitboards

Like always I’ve waited to pull the trigger on a look at the new year’s split in half hotness until the first day I had to turn the heater on.  Today was that day so I’m dusting off the asdfjkl and semicolon and gettin’ ta bloggin’.  Getting the pole position in this year’s look at […]

GEAR LUST: Fishing Kayaks

So as some of you may know by now I had a roof rack megafail this weekend that resulted in my Perception Search 15 meeting I-5 at highway speeds. Not cool, especially as I’d finally been satisfied with how I had it rigged after four years of ownership! Being thrust unexpectedly into the market for […]

Gear Lust: Waterproof Cameras

A few weeks back my iPhone met an untimely demise by way of rusty innards (not to be confused with trombones). One too many trips to the beach and sweaty sparring sessions had taken it’s toll and the Apple ‘Genius’ said he’d never seen anything like it. Meh. Since then I’ve camped at the beach […]

Pimp My Bindings

  PLUS     EQUALS     The Blazes I won up at Splitfest were mediums, but I usually take a large.  Looked up the stats on their site and the baseplate length is the same between the M and L, the difference is just in the width.  As my wide boots fit into the […]

Made in the USA

Been wanting to do this post for awhile, but due to time and brain cell constraints it’s been sitting in draft status since this XDL Powder Alert vid. The french/freedom press/unamurrrrcan line I wrote made my brain do it’s ADHD/tangential thinking thing that keeps me up late at night, thinking about how the confluence of […]

2013 Spark R&D Bindings

While the rest of us have been going about our regular 9-to-5s, the inhabitants of a parallel universe that consists of career bloggers, retail buyers, and retail buyer bloggers have spent the past few weeks at Outdoor Retailer, SIA (still going) and various other “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” events. Thanks […]