FF Helios now made in Canada

Was just over on the Feathered Friends site and it looks like they’ve brought their manufacturing on the Helios to another C country, this time one in North America.  I also love how when things were made in China it wasn’t explicitly stated under Origin but now they are very specific as to the country […]

Stealth BC Missions

Everybody talks about their ‘stealth backcountry mission’ as if they know a secret spot (note: if it’s on Google Earth it’s not secret). For those lucky few in the T. Rice income class a REAL stealth backcountry mission will soon be possible thanks to the Canuckistani government. I guess it’s not just the US gov […]


My mind has been reeling with ways to use this since seeing this vid last week.  I’m sure it’s made of pure cancer but DAMN it looks amazing.  I wonder it’s effects on breathability?  This would be insane on the outside of my down bags, on all boots/water shoes, floating fly lines, tent fly…. UPDATE: […]

Malibu access Kickstarter campaign

I typically find Kickstarter to be a joke as many times it funds people that HAVE the money to fund their own business but don’t want to take the risk with their own money.  I guess you could call that smart but I figure if you don’t have the confidence in your product and yourself […]

REI Changes Return Policy

Welp, anybody who has been to an REI warehouse sale in the past few years has seen this one coming for awhile (or ANY warehouse sale in the Bay Area, holy crap SCORE!). REI has officially decided to change their return policy from lifetime to one year. As this is a HUGE change to anyone […]

Joel Tudor quote

It’s a different time. I mean the kids these days think it’s normal to take a filmer to the beach and make a video about yourself and put it up on the Internet. For some reason it is just completely cool to blow your own horn in 2012. Like there’s nothing wrong with being an […]

PMH Douche of the Week: Jackson Tyler Dempsey

It’s been waaaaaaaay too long since I’ve handed out a ten dick salute to someone. Today Jackson Tyler Dempsey gets his name etched in stone with other such notables as Joseph Condorelli, David J. Pfahler, parking enforcement officers and Michael J. Vandeman. Jackson Dempsey just plead guilty to setting booby traps on national forest (aka […]