How to: Dryer Lint Firestarters

With Memorial Weekend passing it means that once again for most of America it’s ‘camping season’ again, with all the good and bad that comes along with it. Admit it, you’ve been there – struggling to get a campfire started, feeling emasculated (maybe I should get a kitten and write poetry instead of doing this […]

Pimp My Bindings

  PLUS     EQUALS     The Blazes I won up at Splitfest were mediums, but I usually take a large.  Looked up the stats on their site and the baseplate length is the same between the M and L, the difference is just in the width.  As my wide boots fit into the […]

Dehydrator working overtime

Been doing some last minute dehydrating to add some extra oomph to my Enchantments meal list. Wild huckleberries for oatmeal and dessert topping, lemons to use for cooking trout we catch, orange peel for making rye old fashioneds (note: Old Overholt makes a good, cheap, flask filling rye), pasta (if you pre-cook your pasta and […]

How to: STI shift lever swap

The front Shimano 600 STI shifter on my circa-95 or so Raleigh road bike aka indoor trainer bike finally gave up the big one last summer. However, as this bike never gets ridden (I mean c’mon, who rides an indoor trainer? BOOORRRRRRIIINNNGGGGG), the brakes still worked and as I’ve got chicken legs to the big […]

BC on a budget #1

Let’s face it – skiing and snowboarding aren’t cheap, and backcountry snowsports even less so. Summertime is the best time to buy your backcountry kit as typically stores are trying to blow out of whatever inventory they have left from the prior year to make room for the upcoming gear in the fall. If you […]