REVIEW: Wusthof Grand Prix knives

(This review is only snow/outdoors related in that it will keep me from riding the next few days) Sharper than Charlie Sheen’s wit. They cut garlic lightning quick. Lightsaber sharp. I don’t mean that in a ‘cut your dead tauntaun guts/smells bad inside’ way I’m talking more like Darth Vader to your Obi-Wan Kinda like […]

Review: Westcomb Mirage jacket

It’s been awhile since I’ve fired up a review, and I’ve been sleeping on this one for awhile. Took the pics a few weeks back and just haven’t set aside the time to fire up some thoughts on the jacket. Marketing speak The Westcomb Mirage jacket is part of the Hardshell AX line of outerwear […]

Review: Westcomb Rampage HX pants

I’ve been sleeping on giving my reviews since posting a few teasers, mostly due to lack of time and mental capacity to write a long-winded and thought out review, and I apologize. This post nails the long-winded part, but it’s a bit lacking in the thought out side of things. Also, I’ll update this post […]