REVIEW: Peak Design CapturePOV Mount

Finally got out into the great outdoors this weekend to give the Peak Design CapturePOV Mount a shakedown, bringing it out to a ‘secret’ river somewhere near Mt. Adams to fling some feathers and down some bourbon.   FIRST IMPRESSIONS When I first got the package in the mail I thought damn, this is far heftier […]


Winter finally showed itself around here, enabling me to finally get out into predominantly gray/white conditions (aka the stuff that throws off a camera’s sensors/white balance) with the IronX Cam I can put together a final review. As most people come to this site via some form of a snowboard link I wanted to make […]

GoPro vs. IronX Cam video

I owe the fine folks at Concept Agency and IronX cam a (long overdue) review on this cam. Was sitting on it for awhile hoping winter would give us some full frontal as I imagine a lot of folks would like to see how the cam handles a primarily white scene, look like it’ll finally […]

REVIEW: Olympus TG-820

Sometimes you’re just in the right place at the right time saying the right thing. Right after I posted Gear Lust: Waterproof Cameras I was contacted by Staples and told they wanted to send me a ‘ruggedized’ camera for some real-world testing. “Word?” “Word.” I explained to them that I’m not a photographer like Tim […]