VIDEO – Travis Rice “Truffle Pigs”

I’ve been up at the bar on a beer run the past week so haven’t been sitting at the desk mindlessly internetting for vids sooooo you’ve probably seen this one. Said it before and I’ll say it again, we’re living in a golden age of free amazing content.  This time around Travis Rice and Chris Rasman are throwing 4k vid your way to help justify their existence and bring eyeballs to their sponsor’s wares.  “Truffle Pigs, An Alaskan Odyssey” in it’s full glory below, courtesy of Quik.

Last winter, Travis Rice and Chris Rasman went deep into Alaska’s Tordillo Mountains. Their trip coincided with about five feet of fresh snow — which was followed up by about 100 MPH winds. This lead to long days of searching and even longer nights in the lodge, sipping exotic wines and contemplating fate or at least thinking about where, oh where, those pockets of good snow might be hiding. By the end of it, Travis and Chris started to feel like truffle pigs — animals known for their acute ability to find rare objects or situations. You know, like geographical oddities and good snow. In other words, they nailed it. Hit play and enjoy. You’ll walk away inspired to be a truffle pig in your very own special way.


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