Spotted: Black Diamond Avalanche Beacons

I guess the self-induced ‘head down in the weeds’ hiatus from fun I took the past few years caused me to miss more than a few things. I knew that Black Diamond had acquired Pieps, but was interwebbing yesterday and saw for the first time Black Diamond branded avalanche beacons. Really clean and modern looking form factor, 60m range and a boatload of technology thrown in (which isn’t always a good thing – i.e. not sure I want Bluetooth as a feature). My hey Captain Obvious guess is the BD Recon is just a rebranded and spiffed up Pieps Powder, and the BD Guide is the Pieps Pro – and if true could be they are phasing out Pieps aka look for some screaming deals at the end of the year.


Black Diamond Recon Avy Beacon


Black Diamond Guide Avy Beacon

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