REVIEW: DryGuy Force Dry DX

OK, this is a long overdue review thanks to Godaddy hosting issues (literally losing my website data after about 2014…..) so I’ll keep it short and sweet.  This is one of those pieces of gear that I’d never think to buy (because I’m cheap – put ’em on the heater!  Put some PVC pipe!) but is soooo damn nice to have.

Putting leather gloves on the heat vent only to have the leather get crunchy?  Thing of the past.

Threw your Kincos on the heater only to have the Sno Seal melt off?  Boom, no more.

Have your boots on the heater overnight but only the cuffs dried, toes are still soaked?  Not my problem brah.

Waders have that damp, muggy feeling on your second day of a searun cutt trip?  Isolated to you homey, mine are bone dry.

My initial worry upfront was the DryGuy would get too hot and either melt things put on it OR reshape heat moldable boot liners.  Welp, the smart folks there thought of that and, besides the fact that it only heats to 105 degrees, but they’ve got a non-heat mode that just blows air into your gear.  Genius!

The creators of the Force Dry DX made a simple (on, off, heat, timer) and effective product that is cheap and usable year round.  Really the only downside I can think of is that it feels like it may not withstand a drop from a decent height (but I’ve accidentally tested it from about 3′ and it held sooo….)

Verdict:  highly recommended.



If you’re looking to add a DryGuy product to your gear closet the below retailers can hook you up and get it to your doorstep.

US Outdoor Store



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  1. JAMES DAUGHERTY says: Reply

    Damn bro, you fancy.

    1. LOL rite!? If they make a Rapha cobranded one I’ll ping you. That’s the thing, it’s something the dirtbag in me would have never thought about but damn it’s a nice little addition (especially now with kid gear to dry)

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