Mike Basich Area 241 Vid

I’ve been going down the wormhole of daydreaming then cold showering myself back to reality when looking at bank statements. This vid on Mike Basich and Area 241 helped kill some time and build some stoke (as well as make me revisit life decisions, damn hindsight being 2020), figured worth sharing. Can only imagine waking up on a pow day, making some coffee and just sitting looking out that window at my own private shred zone.

Bonus Mike Basich classic photo

EDIT: Entirely unrelated to the above vid picture of shoelace doohickey for Jake

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  1. Har Rai Khalsa says: Reply

    Mike Basich is an absolute badass!

    1. You sir are correct

  2. That is very cool…

  3. I ordered his book, and there are a lot of cool shots in there. I really like this one with the helicopter in the shot, but he likes to crop it out when he prints it other places.

    1. Weird, the heli makes the shot for me!

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