No Venture Snowboards This Year :(

Just received the below email from Venture Snowboards, and their homepage has the same copy. Venture will – wow, still shocked here – NOT be delivering any boards to market for 2015-16. Not sure if this is a reflection of the difficulty of bringing a US made product to a market that the giant offshore producers have gotten into, using their economies of scale to turn the splitboard market into a race to the bottom or something else is at play. Seems late in the year for this email if it was a supply or manpower issue, and seems like they were the cleanest company in the biz so can’t see them being shut down by the EPA or similar. Maybe the whole ‘artisan movement’ has missed the snowboard scene altogether and they just lacked orders. Seems unlikely, their boards were loved by pretty much all.

First it’s our local shops, now it’s our manufacturers. After last winter are the resorts next?

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