Gifts for Riders: Super Happy Wax Hot Wax Kit

The retail machine is doing it’s best to move Christmas into early November. I’m not sure if they realize that offering Black Friday deals in early November doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll make more money but likely means they’ll just shift their revenue from December to November. WHY CAN’T WE HIT OUR DECEMBER PLAN? Of course this is from the viewpoint of a fiscally responsible individual, something rare in this day and age. I’m sure if I was the usual D.R.E.A.M.** consumer I’d say fuck it and just leverage myself and spend moremoremore. But I digress.

Anyways, I got an email the other day from a random asking me for gift ideas for the snowboarder/skier on their list. Conveniently enough I got an email from the homey Erik at Super Happy Wax announcing his new wax kits were available. Fate or coincidence?

Erik has put together three different kits to get your base lube on, the Basic, Deluxe and Ultimate, shown from top to bottom below. The kits he’s assembled are a great value. Compare his Deluxe kit to the Swix Alpine Glide Wax kit you’ll see that you’ll get MORE and have almost $50 leftover for beer.

Superhappywax basic hot wax kit

Superhappywax Deluxe hot wax kit

Superhappywax Ultimate wax kit

**Debt Rules Everything Around Me

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    1. Whoa, I was just commenting on your site at the exact same moment. Blogbloodbrothers.

      Erik at Superhappy said he’ll wax any/all boards and he’s giving out free money and weed with each wax job.

  2. A waxed board is a happy rider. Dont you want to be happy? Then if you use one of the kits above you will become Super Happy.

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