Split Life Silverton – full edit

Geoff and the Split Life crew dropped the full Silverton edit today.

We took some of our NW crew and headed out to Silverton, CO to ride those legendary San Juan mountains. John and Jason hosted us proper, as did all of Silverton.

A huge thanks to everyone involved in this one, it was one of my favorite all time missions I’ve been on. Spark homies, John at Phantom, damn Venture!!!! They’ve supported us from Day 1 on the Oregon Splitfest and I can’t thank Jerome, Klem and Lisa enough for helping us NW splitters out with good vibes, good times and awesome boards.

Ben Gardner and Joe Stanco, watch out for these 2 killers from Telluride.

Ryan, Jenny, Courtney, everyone in Silverton, all my NW crew especially Pete for putting up with my bullshit and making the trip multiple times, Shawn for the aerial shots, whoever that dude was whose hot tub we destroyed, and everyone else, you guys made this one for the books.

Playin’ snowboards, yeeeewwww!!

Split Life Silverton from Split Life on Vimeo.

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