Voile DIY split kit for sale

BRAND NEW Voile DIY split kit for sale.  Bought it to split a board.  I didn’t.  Now all of the bandsaw lovin’ insanity can be yours.  $125 shipped (these are $160 new at BC.com and the rest of the usual suspects)


6 Replies to “Voile DIY split kit for sale”

  1. HI,

    do you still sell this split kit?

    Please let me know.


    1. I do. Hit me up via email and we’ll chat.

  2. Hello
    Is it still for sale?

    1. A little late on this one, sorry. I’ve got a Venture Storm for sale though.

  3. Thank You.
    I have two boards. Dreaming to convert one of them to splitboard ))
    Thanks again

    1. Ahh gotcha, no worries and good luck. Where are you located?

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