Split Life: Silverton Trailer

The homeys over at Split Life (www coming Nov 1) dropped their ‘Silverton’ trailer. It’s got a grassroots feel to it, between the early 90s non-white balanced/color corrected vibe and font that reminds me of some 90s board (and also my old touring partner’s Volkl Gotamas…can’t quite place the board though, some 90s Burton I think). Curious to see the full length and what other spots they hit.

Anyways, check it out and follow Geoff and the gang on the vimeos and instas.

Split Life Silverton Trailer from Split Life on Vimeo.

UPDATE: The full Split Life Silverton vid is now available for perusin’

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  1. Thanks Justin! Much appreciated.

    1. Anytime homey!

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