GoPro vs. IronX Cam video

I owe the fine folks at Concept Agency and IronX cam a (long overdue) review on this cam. Was sitting on it for awhile hoping winter would give us some full frontal as I imagine a lot of folks would like to see how the cam handles a primarily white scene, look like it’ll finally happen a bit this weekend. In the meantime put together a quick vid to show the video/audio quality difference between a 1st gen GoPro HD (720P max) and the IronX Cam. Given the Vimeo downsizing I don’t know that you can make a ton of conclusions from the vid, but I’ll let the viewer decide.

GoPro vs IronX Cam from Justin H on Vimeo.

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  1. Rather spend my money on a GoPro!! Bar none . Thank you for helping me save my money!

    1. No worries! With the GoPro prices these days and the fact you know it’s a company that will be there it’s definitely the better option if you’ve got the funds.

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