Review: Hoo-Rag

The guys and gals at Hoo Rag hit me up a few weeks back asking me if I’d be interested in reviewing their product. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have paid any mind to their inquiry as I’m not really a buff user, but as I’d literally just finished joking with a buddy about bringing the Mambosok back I figured fuck it, it’s a sign from the blog heavens, let’s do this. Flash forward two weeks and an envelope arrived…

If you look closely you’ll see their logo incorporated into the digi camo

My first impressions upon opening the envelope was “Damn, really?” These things pack up small, really small. Not sure how much space I thought they’d take up, but I assumed at least as much as a bandana, if not more. And that envelope they sent? It had five(!) Hoo Rags in it with a note that they threw in some extras to stoke out a few readers – pretty damn generous for a newer company. Once my drone arrives from Amazon we’ll get that giveaway fired up on the tweeters.

Hoo Rag bills their product as a ‘multifunction bandana’, and suggest 8 differents ways you can wear them. While the pictures make it pretty obvious what it is and what they can do, but I think they’d do themselves a favor by mentioning that their product is also UPF 30, as their competitors aren’t shy about using that point for their own marketing.

Overall, there are only so many words you can write about about what is essentially a sonic welded (I think?) fabric tube. Since Shaun White made wearing a buff/neck gaitor cool again you’ve seen a ton of similar products on the hill, and they’ve really taken over in the flats fishing community (and rightly so with that glare). To be honest, it was something way outside of my wheelhouse and I’d never given thought to wearing one. However, after hearing they are UPF30 AND given my intense dislike of wind I’ll be keeping one of these in my camera pocket at all times, and it will definitely be making an appearance on some stealth trout stalking trips this summer. Given the Hoo Rag sells for 30-40% less than comparable UV buffs and they’ve got a ton of options (including reflective for bikers and a variety of camo patterns) I’d say give them a look if you’re in the market.

Oh yeah, and parents beware

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