Whoa WTF? Feathered Friends made in China?

Well this came as a huge shock to me today.  Guess I haven’t been paying attention but even Feathered Friends is now offshoring while claiming the ever so popular in the bike scene “engineered in…”  I guess now you’re paying a premium price for their “engineering”.  At least their factory workers got the logo right and didn’t accidentally sew a swoosh on.  Looks like I’m out the $12 for shipping now cuz I believe this baby is going back.  No point in paying a premium for just another made in China piece of gear.

We have recently made the difficult decision to expand a small portion of our production to China.  With 40 years of domestic, in-house manufacturing and a loyal customer base that has come to equate that legacy with quality and craftsmanship this was not a decision we undertook lightly.  Please understand that we are not displacing our domestic production, we have actually increased output in recent years, but difficulty finding the highly skilled sewing labor that our products require coupled with a high demand for our lightweight garments necessitated that we expand production beyond Seattle. Our lightweight garment production still utilizes the exact same down and fabrics that are used in our Seattle production, with the same time-tested designs so quality is not compromised.  All of our sleeping bags and a large portion of our garment line will continue to be produced in our Seattle based facility and we will make every effort to keep you informed of any future changes.

Coming soon, my own brand of down jackets “engineered in Portland!”  I think I’m gonna call my company Tarred and Feathered Friends.  Sort of a double entendre there, tarred/tard.


Feathered Friends made in China


UPDATE:  I brought this back.  Kind of a pain and they originally didn’t want to do it as their web and store retail are apparently separate.  2014 what?



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  1. Something about Asian bird flu feathers something

    1. Dunno about the bird flu but there was a small child’s finger sewn into the zipper

  2. just to be that guy. it’s possible that the shift overseas is actually your fault. After all, you wanted the thing, the thing was good, you knew it was good, but wouldn’t buy the thing for the money until the thing was 40% less. But the only way the thing can be 40% less is if it is made somewhere that is 40% cheaper.

    sorry, I know I abuse our friendship with this comment, feel free to sensor me until I am less of an a$$hole.

    1. Nah dude, that’s a fair comment for sure. Honestly I only held out because
      1) for the past 4 years of doing startup shit every dollar into me immediately went out to someone else aka I honestly haven’t paid myself since moving to Portland (though that’s about to change shortly, thus the celebratory splurge) and
      2) in the past they’ve done missized/old fabric models for a discount (usually their only discounts), which is actually what I was holding out for/assumed these were a changeover to a new fabric.

      In the end made in the USA doesn’t add any more utility, it’s more of a warm fuzzies/support your old school local manufacturer of baller shit and always had a gear crush on their stuff. The biggest pisser for me was the realization that the dream is over AND they are still charging USA labor prices (at full pop) while using non-US labor. I figure if Google can manufacture a phone here at only a $4 added cost that FF could have kept their production here ESPECIALLY given their capacity needs. Smells like bullshit to me that a place with their volume needs NEEDED to go offshore to meet demand vs. WANTED to go offshore so they could run deep discount sales that puts their product in the same price point as the other offshore manufacturers.

  3. I’m really just sour that I wasn’t on the prestigious invitation to buy list.

    end scene

    1. I’m just on their regular ol’ email list brah

  4. Equally disappointed and just was shown that my new Helios was made in China as I was bragging to a friend over beers that FF makes all their stuff in Seattle… Had to go back and check the tags of all the other FF gear I have laying around the house.

    They claim that the rest of their line will continue to be made in Seattle for the near term (until they realize how much they saved on the Helios line and can make all of it elsewhere far cheaper?).

    Isn’t the bloom off the rose for the whole company when you have to change your slogan from “Handmade in Seattle since 1972” to “Established 1972”? Are we really going to look through the shop to see what is made in US vs overseas?

    No better options for manufacturing than China?

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