Feathered Friends Helios Sale

I’ve been in the market for a high quality down jacket, something with more fill then my old clapped out down sweater but less than a full on expedition style jacket.  Had my eyes on the Feathered Friends Helios for awhile, almost pulling the trigger two weeks back when I was in Seattle.  Flash forward to yesterday and *BOOM* email comes through saying they are doing 40% off on Helios.  Locked, loaded and trigger pulled on a no frills, no bullshit down jacket.  Spending money you don’t have FTW, stoked!

UPDATE:  Received my Helios today and to my surprise it’s made in China.  Guess that explains why they can sell ’em at 40% off.



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  1. At least they were honest with the economics. and passed on the savings to you. Golite has been up to some interesting and related monkey business in the last few years with its direct retail only channel. It will be interesting to see if the same value prop holds for the future, or if pricing creeps.

    Probably should have titled that e-blast the Selling Out Sale. Or Souled Out Sale.

    1. Yeah, they were honest with their economics, at least at the discounted price. Rather than saying ‘Origin: Imported’ on the product page, which to me implies the raw materials are imported, not the labor as well, they could say ‘Manufactured: China’

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