Dear Summer

Please don’t leave me. The past few weeks have been rad, would hate to have the inevitable grayrain come and fuck up my parade. Minor photo dump in lieu of taking the effort to write anything.

Helped Charles break in the new rooftop tent with a little surfysurf around the SD area


Tyrone got married and stole all the ladies


Pretended to be a French model. Bonjour!


Rediscovered that wearing shoes still sucks


Picked up a new poon magnet and broke her in on a road trip around the Olympics


Turns out she’s narcoleptic


As well as a photo slut. Sluttin’ on the Hoh


Sluttin’ on Mt. Walker


Hurricane Ridge. Headed back in a few weeks to backpack around.


Bagel kebabs


This thing is a HOG for this creek


Anyways, have spent more time sleeping somewhere else than I have in my bed the past 30 days – it’s the way the world should be!  Hope everyone is getting some this summer.












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  1. SICK! Pup looks good!

    1. Yeah, she’s been fun thus far, or at least mostly fun.

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