VIDEO: LK1: Chapter 1

One of Lonnie Kauk’s homeys reached out today and forwarded this vid, asking if I’d share be interested in sharing it. Not being one to pass up a shred flick that’s not 100% park as well as being the laziest ‘blogger’ ever always being willing to stoke out others here’s the vid in all it’s glory, a little midsummer pow stoke combined with some climbing stoke.

In the end it’s all about the love for being out there in the mountains and the love for just shredding…..Just be who you are. Be who you really are. When you throw that out to the world and you feel great about it, then it’s all good! Even if nobody likes it, who cares?!

LK1 chapter 1 from soul catcher on Vimeo.

Bonus Lonnie Kauk interview

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