Exploring a local creek

Hit a local nameless creek a few week’s back, and after my first taste couldn’t wait to get back.  The homey Tyler was able to procure a get out of jail card and a plan was hatched for a quick overnite exploration of the creek. As it was just an overniter and the weather was looking absofuckinglutely insane we opted to go fast and light aka ditch the shelter and bring more beer and whiskey.

This creek (which will remain nameless as unlike ‘secret’ surf/snow spots that just get busy when name dropped too much fishing spots tend to not just get the crowds but also draw out the WT that leave their messes behind and generally abuse the resource) is a ways down a dirt road which helps vet out most of the riffraff – though like all trailheads these days you can tell a jackass or two had made it up given there were glass shards on the ground (remember the days when your shit was your shit and you could leave it in your car with no worries? They are long gone). Once at the trailhead the key is to use the trail to get to creek level but then zig when the trail zags. Instead of trail for most the way you’ll switch between wet wading, multiple chest deep crossings, the greasiest rocks ever (seriously stupid slick!) and steep sidehilling, but the holes you’ll find and the fact you won’t see another human once you leave the trail make the juice worth the squeeze.

Anyways, a few hastily shot pics.

A shallower crossing to get to a side with a bit of walkable shoreline
A fun stretch with a ton of trout structure. Downed trees, rocks and riffles oh my!
Campsite for the night, and pretty much the only place around to throw a sleeping bag down. Pretty sure my Q-Core was more comfortable than Tyler’s Z-Rest
View from my sleeping bag

A hawg

The next pic was one of the most mind blowingly beautiful places I’ve seen in a long while and the photos don’t do it justice. We shlepped in from the right side of the frame, where the river comes around a bend. From river level it just look like the world ends, nature’s infinity pools, three levels of them around a 100 degree bend in the river ultimately draining into the pool Tyler is fishing. For perspective it’s 15-20 feet from Tyler to the water he’s fishing.

Toasting summertime

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