Malibu access Kickstarter campaign

I typically find Kickstarter to be a joke as many times it funds people that HAVE the money to fund their own business but don’t want to take the risk with their own money.  I guess you could call that smart but I figure if you don’t have the confidence in your product and yourself to use your own money to start a business why should I give you mine in exchange for…nothing except for maybe your product.  Hooray for prepaid, non-guaranteed delivery!  Anyways, I’m going off on a tangent.  This Malibu beach access Kickstarter campaign is one I can get behind though.



Don’t be fooled

5 Replies to “Malibu access Kickstarter campaign”

  1. i bet the rich people sue or get a cease/des on this app.

    good idea though. fuck rich people and the man. 😀

    1. We need to figure out a way where WE can become the man

  2. they’re super shady with that shit, but there are a lot of people on the case. CA’s coast has been managed far better than WA’s, and especially OR’s. Rich people love to appropriate public spaces. Fuck a fake sign putter-upper: that’s just a horrible person.

    How can I support this kickstarter without actually supporting this kickstarter lololol

  3. Public trust doctrine, motherfucker.

    Agree with you re: Kickstarter.

    1. Glad someone else agrees with me re: Kickstarter!

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