Still turns to be had

…if you want them. To be honest I didn’t really want them, my brain had long ago switched it’s (short) attention span to other activities (or, as Jeff Haley put it “that’s the problem with multiple wives, they all compete for your attention, but you can really only be with one at time“). But, the homey Schralph Macchio was in town fresh off the boat (literally) from Norway (on the trip of a lifetime, you’ll def see a few of his photos this fall….), and as we hadn’t toured together since before his collapsed lung issues to where he thought he’d never tour again there was no fucking way I was going to miss touring with him. Let’s just say there is no residual issues from Alex’s lung issues, he was SLAYING the uphill. I think the guy is on EPO.

Quote of the weekend:

“We’re going to find the NOAA guy that did the forecast and punch him in the dick!”

Anyways, a few pics

Obligatory dirt approach
Respite from the wind
Mountain shadow
Sleeping platform being cleared out, wind block wall built up
Alex ponders the dick punch
Nice view to wake up to. Not much sleep to be had with the howling wind and forgotten earplugs.
Summit beer
Harvest time!
Buswhack out makes the victory pose that much more enjoyable

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