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It’s a different time. I mean the kids these days think it’s normal to take a filmer to the beach and make a video about yourself and put it up on the Internet. For some reason it is just completely cool to blow your own horn in 2012. Like there’s nothing wrong with being an egomaniac and basing your entire existence from sunup to sundown on producing yourself as a cool person. In my day, if you did that, you were done. My car would still be getting destroyed every time I parked it in the lot. Today, it’s all about yourself and how to make yourself seem cool. How much talent you have doesn’t seem to matter.

From the Surfermag interview Joel Tudor: Unfiltered.  That whole interview is filled with amazing quotes and thoughts so read it.

Fact: Joel has spent more time on the tip than you have surfing


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  1. that reminds me i need to drop a post about how my turns are coming along…


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