TEASER: Videograss “The Last Ones”

Yup, it’s that time of year again (well, actually that time of year started a few months back but lazy interwebs keyboarder guy is lazy), where the ten thousand one snow porn makers start playing just the tip with your eyeballs. Inevitably most will be the same ol’ same ol’ – urban rails and sidecountry booters, some jackassery and fuckery thrown in to get the kiddies hyped and 30 seconds of steep pow to get the old crusties hyped – eventually all blending together and unrecognizable from the next. Only time will tell if the ‘The Last Ones’ will be an exception.

Top 3 moments
-Fenceplant at 1:25
-2:22 or so. When I was a kid we used our bindings *points cane*
-The duck under around 2:55. C’mon now!


2 Replies to “TEASER: Videograss “The Last Ones””

  1. “Inevitably….” for sure.

    1. Yeah, I wanted to make it sound like there was a chance that 99 out of 100 shred flicks won’t look like the same damn thing after 2 minutes….

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