Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “Can’t Hold Us”

Just saw this vid. Wolves and dogsleds and snow oh my…but the song, meh. Give me some “My oh My” or “Wings” over this crap stuff. Whatever tho, he’s a PNW kid having fun and getting paid doing his thing, the only person that could hate on something like that is Kim KKKircher.

4 Replies to “Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “Can’t Hold Us””

  1. looks like the base of denny mtn.
    aka alpental for all you OR dudes.


    1. where is this alpental you speak of? some sort of secret spot?

  2. it’s no secret. it’s located on a major interstate mountain pass that happens to be the “one of the most heavily traveled in the US”, a mere 45 minutes from ~3.5 million people.

    ain’t nothing hiding up there.

  3. dude is really a spaz!

    I only made it to verse two, but sure. Whatever.

    How on earth is this still a thing?


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