40 Year Olds, Beers and Ramps

What could possibly go wrong with that combo, right? Billy’s birthday on Saturday, plans were hatched for a surprise bday party. Chris and I figured nothing quite says you’re over the hill like a broken femur and whittled a small ramp on Saturday AM (note that while small in stature it feels WAAAAY higher than a similar sized ramp would have felt at age 12, and any growth spurts/center of gravity shifts haven’t helped). This is just the first piece/proof of concept of the master plan – a 3′ high, 8′ wide garage halfpipe. Beers were drank, a mini launch was tentatively ridden and a few people may carved their names into the Harlem Shake meme tree.

There’s something about the bones of a ramp that I’ve always loved seeing
Forgot to bring a gang of stickers and a can of Krylon. Plan B was sign letters. Note the lack of drill holes on the coping – we were proud of that
Sometime around midnight this still didn’t seem like a bad idea…

Playing around with the GoPro time lapse during the build. I should have kept switching the angles to make it a bit more visually interesting, guess I’ll have to do that when we start building the full half.

Ramp from Justin H on Vimeo.

I blame Dani for the below. The Harlem Shake is probably the least funny meme the internet has brought us yet but whatever, it happens.

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  1. 😐



    srsly 😐

    1. I’m with you. Apparently my system doesn’t process alcohol efficiently, leading to me doing dumb shit.

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