TR: Oregon Splitfest

You missed it, it was two weeks ago. I conveniently forgot to post anything here as I didn’t want to contribute to the Googles crawler blowout and having it become a Baker Splitbrofest complete with 500+ attendees doing their best Dikembe Mutumbo/Shaq imitation, posting up on and knocking over women and small children to get a t-shirt.

Anyways, good attendance, good crew, good weather with a BEAUTIFUL blue sky and nice snow (well, the wind can suck it). Props to the sponsors and especially to Geoff aka El Jefe for organizing it. He’s not in the bro scene so faced an uphill battle in dealing with those that are. Also a big thanks to El Jefe and my homey Eric1 as they both know I’m not on the forums anymore and hit me up to let me know about this Splitfest (as well as the reunion fest for last year’s crew at a not to be disclosed location…).

Only photos I took were during the touring or after, no riding shots. It was the closest thing to a long pow run I’ll get this year and I wanted to enjoy it fully aka without stopping. If I don’t bring the SLR I tend to not give a shit about photos. There’s a photo dump thread here if you need moar.

Night 1 campground


6’+ in the back of a Subaru = human Tetris.  Kept the tailgate open the following night so I could stretch out.


Chevy ground cloth



Frozen solid


Closest thing to a riding shot I’ve got


Barley on Hood
Barley’s been touring with us a lot lately. As I’m currently dog free it’s nice to get some shed/slobber/this is the greatest fucking thing I’ve ever done dog time in.
Post-tour grillin’





Eric1 and I decided to take a sunset shuttle lap through the resort in luchador masks.  Shitty beer + alpenglow + insane sunsets + wrasslin masks = always a good time.





See you next year! (probably not)

4 Replies to “TR: Oregon Splitfest”

  1. does running around on the snow fuck up a dogs feet?

  2. It can, yeah. Eric1 puts this bag balm type stuff on Barley’s paws. We had boots for Jasmine for the baking Sierra granite that would be good for the snow as well.

    I think a bigger issue is dogs trying to keep up with riders on the downhill and sinking into the snow tearing an ACL or breaking a leg. Seen a LOT of doggie wipeouts but fortunately no injuries.

  3. nice!

    Baker splitfest this weekend. I guess we’re going.

    1. That it is. I was supposed to have a buddy’s bachelor party but they called off the wedding! (double !) Trying to decide if I want to hit Baker. Should be DEEP though, that’s for damn sure.

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