A-man Voiceover of Some Snowboard Contest

A-man is off the bench and back in the game that helped solidify his place in web infamy along with Caite Upton, Samwell, and the first cat to ever have LOLWUT photoshopped onto his picture.  Based on his diction and video editing you can tell that he’s spent the offseason working to elevate his game but he still shows love for his old school fans by throwing in the odd penguin and koalas collage (koalage?) .  Note that this is only his SECOND ‘official’ vid so if you’re just seeing him for the first time you’re in early enough that come 2014 and Redbull has him mid-mountain on his own laser death ray endorned announcing platform you can say that he’s a sell out and you liked his early stuff.

ULTRAd from a man on Vimeo.

If you never saw the original it’s below

ignore this from a man on Vimeo.


This grizzled foot is the source of A-man’s voiceover power. BELIEDAT.


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