Playing on Inefficient Modes of Transportation

Yup, just another crappy day spent struggling on inefficient implements for crossing snow. Transition times were so slow that we had enough time to drink a tallboy every single time AND I forgot my camera so had to use the phonecam. FML.

A gaggle of best friends. Glad I’m a dude as these are far more fun than diamonds on a tour.
There is an old sailor’s adage “Red circles on NWAC play in the trees out back”
If it weren’t for that large mountain in the background I’d swear this photo was from the east coast
Dog the Pow-nty hunter

Prohibition era workaround (from Pfriem brewery/post-tour beers)

5 Replies to “Playing on Inefficient Modes of Transportation”

  1. jesus…that Kim Kircher lady is the wife of the Crystal mtn dude….i think.
    fuck Crystal mtn is insane with the anti snowboarding shit i want to punch someone now.

  2. I need to remember to spray more skiers.

  3. @z – 3rd best part of snowboarding.

    1. The first will always be Mambosoks. What’s #2?

  4. did Kim post that on her site or did you?

    Because if she did, you should hit her up next time you are riding at crystal. since you drive so long and far to ride your slowboard there.

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