Don’t Throw Snowballs

…cuz you never know when karma is about to pay you back for snapping the bra of the girl you sit behind in 3rd period science. I’m sure this kid’s parents will sue as there wasn’t a warning sign informing junior that throwing snowballs may lead to falling from the chair. This is Amurrrca dammit and that’s what we do, lawsuits take over where common sense leaves off.

Remember the first time you got on a chair lift? I remember being nervous as hell in line, heart in throat, waiting our turn to get under the bullwheel on Tinkerbell (I mean c’mon, Tinkerbell…or was it Holiday?? Couldn’t they give it a manly name so I don’t feel like such a pussy) and get ‘er done. Chairs coming, oh shit, deep breath, fall back, grab rail. Fuuuuuuuck, I think the angle on this chair is off, pretty sure it’s facing down and forward as opposed to back. Death clutch on the rail….oh shit it’s stopping! *swinging* FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK….Anyways, yeah, I survived AND threw snowballs at the cute girls in front of me.

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