Blown Out

Nope, not a surf related post. Headed up north to kick it with the Tacomeys this weekend. Hit up a local beach to try and catch my first sea run cutthroat or resident coho on the fly. Wind. Wind. HOLY SHIT WIND! I’m not exactly skilled with the bug wand, and what semblance of skill I’ve got is pretty much negated by any wind…or people looking on intently…or holes in waders in 50 degree water…

Between the wind waves, the boat wakes and the double upping of wind waves with boat wakes made me wonder about the little points around the sound, if any of them ever get a little sand bar or filter the wind just right to where you could bring a longboard out.  Granted by the time most of what you see breaks it’s in 1′ of water over oyster/barnacle covered rocks, but maybe there’s a little spot with sandy bottom that filters it just right….

Not a single fish was convinced that the bundle of pink and white feathers with flashy tinsel and lead eyes was something edible. Ahh well, was a beautiful day.

That video reminds me I’m getting ugly in my old age and growing one of those bulbous old man noses.  WTF?!?! I guess the good news is it will make my eyebrows look smaller.

Same spot day later, lower tide
Crazy blue starfish

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    1. way to blow up my secret spot…again!

  2. lol fort stielacoom park right?
    and I don’t even fish!

    1. close, titlow beach. it’s north of steilacoom a few miles, right off 6th ave.

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