Maritime Goes Intermountain

Did a quick tour with the homey Erik from Superhappywax on Saturday.  Nothing crazy, just a get out and stretch the legs/start working off the Christmas cookies tour, plus this was Erik’s first time on a split so we just did some low angle volcano skipping.  Weather varied between beautiful bluebird and cold to fogged in and flat light (fortunately we had a few beers to help us wait that out).  Snow varied between bulletproof and wind scoured to little pockets of fluff.  The snow was that crazy dry ultra abrasive/shining like diamonds in the sun stuff, not your typical PNW conditions.  I think this is what the the Utahrado folks ride on the usual.  Only saw five others on the mountain all day.  Good times, good times.

Nothing like breaking in a pair of boots on a tour. Shout out to the homey drex from nwbroweather! Still owe ya


Erik adjusting to skiboarding


It was sorta blue early on


Who knows?





Nature’s topo map


Waiting out the flat light


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