2012-13 Chimera splitboards

Jeez, talk about falling off the wagon.  Let’s get this look at 2012-13 splitboards back up and running before the 13/14 gear drops!

The boys at Chimera made it through their first year in biz and are back with the same solid lineup from last year.  For those who don’t know Chimera is a splitboard exclusive company – no skis, no solid boards, no snow skates – and take their boards seriously.  With innovations like their Toe-To-Heel Carbon (THC, a reference to weed in the snowboard scene, very original), a reinforcing layer of carbon fiber between the touring bracket and heel rise, to their Killerbites (essentially shortened inner edges), the folks at Chimera are not just doing the status quo.

Chimera splitboards are all limited production and made in the USA (surprisingly not that rare in our little niche) so if you see something you like reach out to them ASAP so you can make sure you’ve got your new ride before it starts nuking in the hills.  You can call them at 801-512-0571 or email info@chimerasnowboards.com.  They were cool cats at the Baker splitfest so I’d recommend letting your fingers do the walking and bullshit with ’em for awhile.

Chimera Mace

The big mountain board in the Chimera line.

Medium, positive camber with a large sidecut maximizes edge contact and hold on steep, firm surfaces. A mellow taper, gentle early rise rockers and blunt nose/tail shape trim overall length for turning ability and clearance without sacrificing float, while running length is maximized and flex / dampening dialed for maximum stability at speed.

Sizes:  161, 165, 172
MSRP:  $935

Mace with their Passport topsheet


Remember this? It’s called camber. CAM-brrr


Chimera Orb

The Orb is Chimera’s same thing coming and going/true twin of the lineup.  I’m tall, unathletic and uncoordinated and thus have never been a good enough rider to benefit from a true twin, but if that’s your high Chimera’s got your drug.

Sizes:  156, 160, 164
MSRP:  $935

Chimera Orb with logo topsheet



Chimera Sceptre

The Sceptre is the directional freestyle board (or as I like to call them ‘snowboards’) of their lineup.

Medium taper combined with Chimera’s NoWave profile give the board powerful, yet controllable float, while providing control at speed, on chunder, and in deep turns. A stiffer tail lends extra pop and helps stomp landings while allowing you to hold the line at speed. The floaty Sceptre may be sized-down for freestyle-influenced riders, while those who barge may prefer the progressively stiffer flex patterns of the larger sizes.

Sizes available:  154, 157, 161, 16
MSRP:  $935

Sceptre with logo topsheet
Like your jr. high girlfriend between the bindings


Chimera Unicorn Chaser

As I’m a sucker for unusual shapes the Unicorn Chaser is the board in their lineup that gets my panties wet.  Not heavily swallowed and a fish-esque shape, this board just looks like it’ll go off on the type of days you got into splitboarding for.

The rockered nose and massive taper will keep you on top of the deepest, fluffiest stuff, while the stiff, hollow tail, short, nimble sidecut, and Chimera’s LongWave profile will keep your eye on the twitching tail of your glittering prize. Chimera recommends stepping down 5cm-10cm from your powder board for increased awesomeness and maximum Unicorn slaughter.

Sizes available:  154, 157, 161
MSRP:  $935



No bullshit, the guys and gals at Chimera are the types you want to support.  Small crew of snow stoked riders putting out the product that works for them.  They were all great to talk to, stoked out of their minds and knew their stuff, and their boards felt** lighter than most, if you’re in the market for a new split I’d recommend keeping them on your short list.




**May have been drinking that night so senses may have been off.

3 Replies to “2012-13 Chimera splitboards”

  1. dude, these guys are insane. I like it. Except for saying anything about “swing weight” reduction due to their mini- inside edges. Comeonbro.

    Sick though. Good shapes. I like that first one’s tail.

    1. LOL rite? Swing weight reduction is up there with true twin flex for me, ain’t shit I notice. I just strap on the skiboard and try to make ‘er down the hill with the biggest grin possible.

  2. right? Especially splitboarding, where it takes most of the one run per day to even get in “snowboard mode.”
    Still and all, good stuff. All the micro-improvements definitely aren’t going to HURT a board.
    Rode with a guy visiting from CO last year at Stevens who had one of these. I remember he loved it.
    The only suggestion I have for them: try a smaller font, and you can get the whole name to fit.

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