2012-13 Jones Splitboards

Jones is back in 2012-13 with essentially the same lineup as last year (different size runs) as well as a women’s line. Hopefully the production/QA problems that have been seen in the past have been put behind them as I don’t think releasing some of the boards that have reached some shop floors has been been doing the brand any favors. As before all Jones boards have ‘Mellow Magnetraction’ (a less aggressive version of the wavy sidecut Mervin made famous) on both the inner and outer edges as well as Karakoram hardware.

The ‘our founder rides bigger lines than yours’ pro model with the name a well played take on the old ‘Splitboarding is the Answer’ sticker, the Solution is the Swiss army knife of the Jones lineup. Directional shape and rocker with a nice helping of camber underfoot, the Jones is a quiver killer ready to step to anything you will.

Sizes: 154, 158, 161, 164, 163W, 168W
MSRP: $799

Mountain Twin Split
The Mountain Twin is billed as “a freestyle board with a freeride heart.” A twin shape with a setback stance, directional rocker and camber underfoot help you get your ambidextrous backcountry jibbonk on.

(Note: I was going to make a joke about that girl in college that you’d hope would go both ways, or something along those lines, but couldn’t tie it together. Feel free to make the joke for me in the comments)

Sizes: 157, 160
MSRP: $749

Hovercraft Split
Winner of a Poormansheli “Most likely to be in my quiver if I actually had a quiver” award, the Hovercraft oozes fun on looks alone. Nobody got into splitboarding to ride ice and suncups but shit happens thus most of us ride less specialized boards. However, for those ‘there’s no f’in way there’s any mank out there’ days The Hovercraft looks like the bees knees.

The Hovercraft’s pow specific shape with a setback stance and long/short tail keep you floating in the deep, and the stiff tail and Mellow Magnetraction will help keep the fun going as things start to get tracked.

Sizes: 156, 160
MSRP: $699

Women’s Solution

The splitboard for the fairer sex aka shrink it and pink it (and tweak the width/flex).

Sizes: 152, 156
MSRP: $799

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  1. those boards are as exciting as listening to the guy talk

    actually the homey Snowone has a solid Hovercraft and it looks fucking dope.

    1. I hear Jones was shooting pool on Capital Hill on Friday night

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