2012-13 Voile splitboards

For 2012-13 Voile has revamped their entire lineup with the help of Ben Harmon courtesy of their Sentury Snowboards acquisition.  Still made in the USA by polygamous skiboarders with jobs.

No longer capped construction, all 2012-13 Voile splitboards come with all the hardware you need, so if you’re price conscious factor that into your decision (also if you’re price conscious you may want to consider NOT getting into splitboarding…)



Remember the days when you just rode your snowboard wherever the hell you ended up on the mountain and didn’t worry about whether it had a symmetrically asymmetrical flex pattern on top of a rockambered shape with little lights on the tip that show it’s absorbing chatter before deciding where to go?  That’s the Artisan, the quiver killer of the Voile lineup.  Winner of a Backcountry Magazine Editor’s choice award this year, the Artisan is a twin shaped ride with a directional flex pattern and their own version of a flat in the middle/hybrid rocker/camber profile.  The Artisan doesn’t give a damn where you bring it it just wants you to bring it.

Sizes available:  156, 159, 162, 165, 168, 162Wide, 165Wide

MSRP:  $850 with all hardware (including dual height climbing heels)



Women’s Artisan

Part of Voile’s reason for acquiring Sentury was for their unique ‘gender sensing technology’, which has been integrated into their first female offering, the 2012-13 Women’s Artisan.  No longer will women have to suffer through days of riding on a board that thinks they are a man, with Voile’s new technology….OK, not really, it’s a thinner waisted, softer flexing version of the Artisan that even smaller dudes can ride.

Sizes:  148, 153, 156

MSRP:  $850



Winner of Poormansheli’s “Best Name for a Splitboard” award in 2013, the Palindrome is Voile’s backcountry freestyley jibbonker offering.  The same coming and going, the Palindrome has a true twin shape and flex, and a camber free profile.

Sizes:  156, 159, 162, 162Wide

MSRP  $850

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  1. my nephew’s name is the same coming or going, would the palindrome be a good board for him?

    1. his name is ‘the same coming and going’?? that’s not a palindrome brah

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