2012-13 Venture Splitboards

Like always I’ve waited to pull the trigger on a look at the new year’s split in half hotness until the first day I had to turn the heater on.  Today was that day so I’m dusting off the asdfjkl and semicolon and gettin’ ta bloggin’.  Getting the pole position in this year’s look at new skiboard hotness are the love children of Klemens and Lisa Branner, the first couple of splitboarding**.

Venture is taking an ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ stance with this year’s splits – with the exception of new topsheets and one new model (which was actually a late 2012/limited release from their Skunkworks ‘Shape Shack‘ last year) the Venture lineup remains more or less the same as last year.  Realizing that snowboarding is really fucking hard to do with no snow Venture takes great efforts to minimize their environmental impact.  From building their cores from Forest Stewardship Council certified wood to using Purl wax to running their entire operation on wind power they are practicing what others preach.

Like most splits out there Ventures come only with Voile hooks/clips, so you’ll still need to pick up the rest of the Voile (or Karakoram) hardware and your choice of skins.  UNLIKE most split manufacturers out there Venture realizes that not everyone of a certain weight or height have the same size foot and offer a ton of waist widths in most of their boards.  If you’ve got a particularly small or large foot size you should definitely check out the Venture Snowboards website to get the full 411.

Local shop dropped the ball and doesn’t carry Venture splits? You can pick ’em up online from the fine folks at evo and backcountry.com


While it shares a name with a board from their lineup a few years past this is definitely NOT your father’s Euphoria.  Designed to be ridden with or without bindings (no, I’ve never seen someone split up a mountain only to take their bindings off to pow surf down, but there’s always this year) this Backcountry Magazine Editor’s Choice winning board looks like it’d be stupid fun on the right day.

Sizes available:  156, 162, 168

MSRP:  $895



The Zephyr is Venture’s flaghship board and is a good ol’ fashioned, do it all quiver killer.  A Backcountry Magazine Editor’s Choice winner for 2011, the Zephyr is a lightly tapered, slightly setback, rockered tip/tail everyman’s board.

Sizes available:  150, 154, 155, 159, 160, 163, 164, 165, 168, 169 (close size ranges due to waist width offerings)

MSRP:  $895



The Odin is big mountain legend Johan Olofsson’s pro model split.  A 2012 Backcountry Magazine Editor’s Choice winner, Venture made slight changes from last year, blunting the nose a bit and adding more sizes to the range.  With it’s tapered shape, setback stance, stiffer flex and flat between the feet and rockered nose/tail profile this is the big mountain riders split.

Sizes available:  160, 164, 165, 168, 169, 173, 174 (close ranges due to waist width offerings)

MSRP:  $895



The Venture Storm tows the line between pow specific board and all ’rounder.  For 2013 Venture rounded out the nose a bit, likely to help it lose it’s ‘quiver board’ look and sell more.  A 2010 Backcountry Magazine Editor’s Choice winner (notice a theme here? Venture’s ish performs) the tapered shape, rockered nose and tail, softer nose and stiffer midsection/tail of the Storm makes it a board ready to take on anything thrown your way.

Sizes available:  152, 156, 157, 161 ,162, 165, 166, 170, 171, 181 (close ranges due to waist width offerings)

MSRP:  $895



The Helix is “the world’s first twin tipped, rockered splitty” and is waaaay outside of my non-freestyley wheelhouse.  True twin shape and flex, the type of board that I find unexciting.

Sizes available:  158, 162, 163

MSRP:  $895





**I’m patenting that phrase, you heard it here first ladies and gents

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  1. that swoopy one is definitely rad. They had that at splitfest or was that a prior? I’ve settled on my in-bounds board, and have been struggling to buy something new…maybe–and this is totally stupid–a super special split?

    Yeah dumb.

    But I’d love to ride an even more pow-ey split some day.

    So dumb.

    1. I think it was Prior, with all the foreign ladies…

      Super special splits are cool and all but the cost of admission is ridonkulous and you’ve already got a super special bespoke split, ride it til the wheels fall off!

  2. which one is the one if you want to do jumps and ride backwards (fakie) and pretend you’re on a sarfboard

    1. wait, you jump and ride fakie on your sarfboard? pics or it didn’t happen brah

  3. no pics breh. top secret shit up here.

    1. obviously. locals only as well, with local being loosely defined, natch

    1. i don’t test well

  4. does that one come with a can of black spraypaint?

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