MONDAY STOKE! (on a Tuesday)

Why Tuesday?  Because Godaddy was down pretty much all day yesterday.  Anyways, there’s been an intermittent chill in the air, I guess that means it’s OK to start talking snowboards again even though I still want to have a few more rounds of roughhousing in the shower Penn State style with summertime.

First up is courtesy of Brian Smart and his Rough House Studios shop.  It’s the first GoAm video he made and it came out pretty damn good.

“The Arm” from Brian Smart on Vimeo.



Next up is one I saw courtesy of the boys at Casual Industrees.  Fluff and sun = a good find.  BTW don’t just pass up that link, make sure your mouse does it’s biz on it so you can check out their tees.  They rep the NW to the fullest and kill it.

Spring Break Mt. Bachelor Expedition from Snowboarder Magazine on Vimeo.



Last up is a little cutting room floor action from the coming to Seattle/Portland Friday/Saturday flick Further.

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