Gear Lust: Waterproof Cameras

A few weeks back my iPhone met an untimely demise by way of rusty innards (not to be confused with trombones). One too many trips to the beach and sweaty sparring sessions had taken it’s toll and the Apple ‘Genius’ said he’d never seen anything like it. Meh.

Since then I’ve camped at the beach a few times as well as took a 9 day roadtrip that included a few flyfishing stops that would have been great to have a camera at, but I wasn’t about to lug my 7D with me around the river or on the yak, and didn’t want to kill another phone so soon. Outside of GoPros I didn’t realize how many options there were these days til at Stankdolla** a few other kayakers rolled up with a variety of waterproof digital cameras. I was definitely jealous and am definitely think this category of camera is the perfect complement to my summer plans. Eyes open and in-market.

Overall it looks like the category as a whole as exchanged the toyish look of former waterproof/rugged electronic equipment (remember the yellow Sony Walkmans?) for a more rugged/metallic look. I know nothing about what’s good/bad in this category and assume it’s a lot like the rest of the handheld digicams – cram as many megapixels into the smallest case possible and throw in a bunch of dumb dumb featuresoverall image quality be damned! – so just posting a few I saw that caught my eye during my 10 minutes of internet window shopping.

**Made up name to protect the location

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  1. make a table with model name, opt zoom, dig zoom, meg pix, fstop, #pics/sec on high speed, etc.


    1. LOL, no! My guess is like most of the consumer P&S cameras it’s a 6 of one half dozen of another type game. Wish someone would just come out with something with none of the extra crap and software enhanced b.s. and just give a simple camera, bomb lens, waterproof case, and some basic manual controls + an auto mode. No 3D, no GPS tagging, etc. etc.

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