Pics from the past few weekends

I admit it, I’m a horrible blogger.  I’m no shayboarder, I’m no a-man (mostly because I still use toilet paper and don’t try and say things like str9 instead of str8), hell I’m not even a nwbroweather and that guy only blogs once every transit of Venus.  Anyways, I’m still alive (barely, depending on the day), and if a pic is worth a thousand words then hey I’m a prolific blogger.

volcano trifecta (actually fourfecta if you count the one I'm on)


shit surf aka most of the year here aka wait til fall


Three graces


grace hole



I <3 humans


The new standby - camp pizza


pizza cutter


bald eagles everywhere


Flat water and dogs = the good life
double nalgene sandwich from MSM


summertime celebration (before all this damn rain)


your clock is ticking, get out there and fucking do something

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  1. Live the life the way you want it to be! Adventure and explore!

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